How Do I Tell Potential Boyfriends I’m Anal Only?

Anonymous: Hello, I really need an advice. I’m a 22 years old virgin woman and I’ve been recently started being interested in the anal only lifestyle. I am a complete virgin (never had any kind of sex, not even oral) and intended to stay like that until marriage. But as I get older I want sex even more, but at the same time I don’t want to break the promise I made myself. So that’s pretty much why I decided to become an AO. But the problem is, how do I tell this to potential boyfriends? Thanks!

analk1ng: You’re wrong in thinking this is a problem. It isn’t.

You don’t have to tell potential boyfriends anything about your sexual preferences. If they are serious about you then they will accept you as you are. And they should count themselves the lucky ones for having a girlfriend willing to commit to AO with them, something that most men can only dream about.

They’ll either be pleasantly surprised or very quickly realize that with something much better available every time the two of you have sex, that they’re never going to miss your vagina at all.

To add to this excellent comment, I would also suggest that you shouldn’t simply do this to “preserve your virginity” until marriage, which still puts your vagina front and center and has it dictating your actions. Instead, just focus on anal and how much fun and pleasure it can give you, and don’t worry about your vagina at all, now or in the future. If you want to children, then use it for that, but otherwise why bother?

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