The Anal Only Generation

With constantly increasing exposure to anal sex, through pornography, erotica, popular culture, and direct interaction and conversation with friends and partners, a growing number of people are exploring and enjoying it for themselves. And as more people try anal, more people find they prefer it and end up making it their primary form of sex, or even go anal only.

Everything suggests this trend is going to continue—if anal is objectively better and more enjoyable for most people when done properly, over time a majority of people are going to primarily or exclusively practice anal sex as their form of recreational sexual activity, and at some point, we will have the first anal only generation.

We’re already seeing a growing trend of women whose first sexual experiences are anal and who end up going anal only without ever having lost their vaginal virginity. Some started out with this as a means of birth control or for religious or cultural reasons, while others just prefer anal from masturbatory exploration and choose to stay anal only because being very sexually active and experienced despite always staying a vaginal virgin is a very appealing or enjoyable concept to them. I highly encourage this trend, and hope to see more and more choosing to do this. It’s also happening, perhaps at a smaller level, with men who choose to remain vaginal virgins in the sense of having never had vaginal sex with a woman and only wanting to do anal even from the first time.

However, past history or experience with vaginal sex doesn’t preclude someone from being anal only or being part of the anal only generation—it’s where you ultimately end up and choose to be a part of that matters. The majority of anal only men and women have tried both and come to the conclusion that vaginal is not for them and that their future is strictly anal only.

What about you, are you a part of the anal only generation? Will you forego vaginal sex going forward and start only doing anal? If you’re a virgin, will you go straight to anal only and not look back? And if you’re already anal only, will you help encourage your friends and others to try the anal only lifestyle for themselves? Share your thoughts, ideas, and efforts towards making the anal only generation a reality.

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