Message: Cleaning in the Anal Only Lifestyle

broadcastingitFor a life with anal only, what are your advices for the girl’s cleaning before? Because it means having anal 2 – 4 times a week, and enema shouldn’t be done this often…

If you eat a healthy, high fiber diet you don’t need to do anything but go to the bathroom a little before planning to have sex, and then use something like a butt plug for several minutes to half an hour. A dildo for a few minutes in the shower can also be good, both for warmup and for checking to make sure you’re clean.

It’s mostly deeper enemas—ones that clean beyond the rectum—that you may want to avoid doing too often, although there are those who do them fairly regularly without issue as well. A minor flushing out of just the rectum with warm water won’t cause much in the way of issues, but it’s usually not necessary.

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