Message: Training My Butt

Anonymous: I want to start doing anal, what do you recommend to train my butt? I want to walk around all day with a butt plug

Start by fingering your ass regularly when you masturbate. When you can fit a few fingers in, upgrade to a butt plug. Try something like the Tantus Ryder or something of a similar size (1.5″ max diameter) for your first plug. Wear it while masturbating, and for as long as it’s comfortable, then take it out, and try for longer the next time. Keep repeating this, gradually increasing how long you can keep it in, and you’ll get more and more comfortable with it long term. Try to incorporate some dildo play into the mix as well too, and as you get able to fit things the size of penises in your solo play with no pain or discomfort, you’ll probably be ready to move to having anal with a guy.

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