Message: How Can I Benefit From Anal Only?

Anonymous: I just read some of your posts. As a woman in her late 20s who has been having lots of variety in her sex life so far, do you really think it would be smart to go 100% anal only (not even clitoral stimulation)? If so, why? I admit that the idea sounds extremely hot, but speaking of longterm sexual behaviour I don’t see how I could benefit from it.

That depends entirely on each person’s body and preferences. Some women can orgasm exclusively from anal penetration, with no corresponding clitoral stimulation, and so for them it can be quite pleasurable (and a turn on to cum from anal alone). Going for a period of time with just anal stimulation can be a way to “activate” the ability for some women as well. If a woman is physically capable of anal orgasm but always provides clitoral stimulation alongside anal penetration, she may not reach the purely anal orgasms.

However, if after an extended period of time there is no sign of anal orgasm after many sessions of anal sex without any clitoral stimulation, it’s perfectly understandable to add it back alongside. That’s fine, and there’s nothing wrong with it if that’s what you enjoy or need to make it enjoyable. On the other hand, some women may find it hot to deny themselves and that’s fine too. It’s all about experimentation and finding what works best for you while trying new things.

So I think it’s definitely worth trying 100% anal only for several month sessions if you’re up to it. You don’t even need to go all in for a long period of time initially, you can try it for a week at a time initially and slowly increase the amount of time.

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