Desensitization of Clitoral Orgasms

madmax76d: From everything that I am readying the orgasm you experienced the other night sent you to the moon and you haven’t come back yet. You were saying that clitoral orgasms desensitize you. Does that mean that they wipe you out? Or that your orgasm tends make you not want to be touched down there? Or both?

ilikeitintheass: The orgasm I had the other night, was like nothing I’ve had before. After, I was all over the place and wanted to be left alone but held at the same time. I’m only starting to feel like me again today. I’m even wearing my butt plug and it feels good. I’m no longer sensitive and feeling horny again.

Clit orgasms have always wiped me out. They are amazing but the after effects are not desirable. A lot of women experience this so I don’t know why there’s isn’t more information out there on this or why more women aren’t talking about it! It’s a mixture of feeling too sensitive to be touched there again, and the fear of getting touched again, feeling sensitive but having more orgasms. Yes the orgasm will feel good, but having multiple clit orgasms will most definitely make me depressed after. I can’t put into words why or what that feeling is. It just is.

On top of that, after having a clit orgasm (whether it’s combined with vag or ass stimulation or not -the effect is the same), my clit becomes sensitive or it starts to hurt if it’s touched. Eventually this turns into a desensitized feeling (sexually). I’ve never been asexual but that’s what I mean when I say I feel desensitized. All sexual desire is just gone..

This is partly why I started anal only 7 months ago, and why I attempted clit denial 8 weeks ago.

I’m pleased to say that I am back on clit denial and I remain to be anal only.

FWB got a good punishment for touching my clit when I specifically asked him not to.

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