Message: Curious About Anal Only Lifestyle

Anonymous: I’ve never heard of this lifestyle before. All the same I’m very curious. Is it common? How do you meet others who want this same lifestyle? What made people choose this? Never tried anal so I’m just trying to understand the appeal. Is it really that much better people will give up vaginal forever???

It’s not extremely common, but it is growing as the stigmas around anal sex are fading. While many people love vaginal sex, there are many others of both genders who find anal to be more enjoyable.

Everyone is built differently, and some women have their pleasure center in their clitoris, while others have it in their vagina, and still others in their rectum. Many women cannot orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone and require clitoral stimulation—in this case, replacing vaginal penetration with anal penetration can sometimes make the clitoral orgasm even stronger. Other women can orgasm from anal penetration alone, without clitoral stimulation, while vaginal penetration did not do much for them. These women are more likely to prefer anal and be willing to have purely anal sex if they can find a partner who will do the same.

It can be difficult to express such a desire, not knowing the preferences of others, and fearing ostracization, and so people of both genders who are interested in such a lifestyle do not always tell their partner. Being open to new experiences and possibilities and not negatively judging people for their desires has and will continue to allow more people to enjoy this lifestyle.

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