Month: July 2016

Message: Anal Only, But Boyfriend Too Eager

assalenaWe have been AO for months, but I still struggle with the stretching, it hurts. I think the problem may be solved with more and better foreplay, but my bf still doesn’t get how to turn me on, he is also rather clumsy and too eager. What can I do?

Foreplay can definitely help—fingering your ass while playing with your clit to relax and gradually open it up, adding a finger every couple minutes. But you can also make things a lot easier by wearing a butt plug regularly for general practice as well as for 15 to 30 minutes before sex to help relaxing and loosening things.

Definitely talk to him and explain what you need. While there are things you can do, communication is key and making sure he understands what you need and how to help you enjoy it better will go a long way to making the experience much better for the both of you.

I Suggested Anal Only Month…

anonymousslaveamongstyou: AND HE LOVED THE IDEA!!! Daddy and I met this weekend and he said he was only going to fuck my ass no matter what I said, he fucked it so hard and called me a whore, that I came to America for his cock, I was so turned on and I begged for him to be more rough and he did! I thought I was about to cry, it was amazing. I’m really enjoying anal and daddy’s so happy I’m enjoying it! He said he’ll eat my pussy even more now ????

Message: Wife Orgasms Too Quickly From Anal

doc201220Hi. Me and my wife are not anal only but we love it. The problem is, she cums really quick from anal and then i cant touch her. Any ideas? Thx and sry for my bad english

I’d suggest experimenting with edging—getting her close to orgasm but then backing away, repeatedly, before finally allowing her to cum. Do this regularly and keep trying to push her longer and longer until she can last longer without orgasm—and with the added bonus of a more powerful, amazing, rewarding orgasm once she finally does.

Message: Should I Let My Boyfriend Fist My Ass?

Anonymous: My boy friend wants to fist my ass and while I know I could do it cause I can take 2 big toys and his cock together should I let him fisting is a big thing I get super turned on by it but i don’t know if I would like it

You’ll have to decide whether you want to or not, and what your hesitation is. There’s nothing wrong with anal fisting if you can safely do it, and you won’t know if you like it until you try. Ultimately, it’s your ass and your choice, so don’t let anyone pressure you into something you don’t want to do, but it sounds like it is something you might like trying—and if you decide you don’t like it, you can stop and not do it again.

Message: Anal Only is Hard But Feels Great

Anonymous: My boyfriend and I really love your blog and we have been going anal-only for a month… Its hard but tbh it feels great and refreshing and different… And well just better :)…. Thanks for making such a wonderful blog and Im sure your fans will love this originality because most blogs are filled with the usual porn 😛

Thanks! I like the anal only porn blogs too (and run some) but I agree it’s nice to have a resource that’s more conversational and information-based. Be sure to join the Anal Only Lifestyle forum for more conversations and opportunities for interaction with like-minded people.

I’m glad you’re enjoying being anal only and are already recognizing how much better it is after even just a month.

Message: Anal Only Until Further Notice

gingerlysubmissive: Today Sir and I decided that I will be anal only and we’ll be ignoring my pussy and clit until further notice. I’ve never been able to cum from anal alone and I’m so curious to find out if I wil be able to! I love anal and I love being denied, so now I have the best of both worlds I guess ^^”. My interest in anal only started when Sir mentioned your blog one day, so I guess I have you to thank for this lovely new development ;P. Hope you have a lovely day ^^!

You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Message: I Will Never Have Pussy Sex Again

My MASTER believes only in anal sex. I had had anal before, many times, but with my Sir it is different. He has given me the gift of anal orgasms, the most powerful kind. Today after being punished, he allowed me two. I will never have pussy sex again. Anal all the way for me.

That’s wonderful. Once you can cum from your ass, there really is no need at all for your pussy anymore, is there?

Message: Anal Feels Good, But Is Always Messy

Anonymous: Yes it feels good but its always messy. No matter how many enemas I do.

Try to slowly adjust the amount of fiber in your diet. If you have a healthy diet with the right amount of fiber, you shouldn’t have much of a mess regardless of enema use. And it’s not uncommon for enemas to cause more of a mess if you go to deep and start moving things along unintentionally. Try just going to the bathroom 30 minutes before and then trying sex or masturbation without an enema, or at most do a very light douching just to flush out the rectum and nothing more.

Otherwise, with a full enema, you have to keep doing it until you’re totally clean, which can take a while sometimes, and isn’t too good to do regularly as it can lead to an imbalance of intestinal flora.