Message: Anal Feels Good, But Is Always Messy

Anonymous: Yes it feels good but its always messy. No matter how many enemas I do.

Try to slowly adjust the amount of fiber in your diet. If you have a healthy diet with the right amount of fiber, you shouldn’t have much of a mess regardless of enema use. And it’s not uncommon for enemas to cause more of a mess if you go to deep and start moving things along unintentionally. Try just going to the bathroom 30 minutes before and then trying sex or masturbation without an enema, or at most do a very light douching just to flush out the rectum and nothing more.

Otherwise, with a full enema, you have to keep doing it until you’re totally clean, which can take a while sometimes, and isn’t too good to do regularly as it can lead to an imbalance of intestinal flora.

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