Message: I Feel Like I Could Spend Years Without Using My Vagina

Hello! I am a French girl and I just wanted to share my story about anal.

I’ve started to enjoy anal sex with my current boyfriend last year, only in rare occasions. Then it seemed like my butthole was much more pleasurable for everyone and we did it more and more. I identify myself as His property and he enjoys it very much. I told him I loved anal and he offered me a beautiful princess plug, because he read it created new sensations while fucking “normally” (meaning in the vagina) and I started to appreciate it more and more and more to the point where he just offered me a new princess plug, much more comfortable to wear for a long time (like a whole night or day), and I soon realized I enjoyed being plugged, wearing my plug, playing with it until my ass is completely gaped and the plug almost falls from it, showing off my gaping asshole to my boyfriend on Skype like a dirty little whore and enjoying the feeling of his hand putting my plug in my butt or his cock penetrating me without even preparing my butt because he knows I have been plugged all day long and completely gaped.

It has been almost a month and I haven’t even touched my vagina. I’m currently wearing my princess plug and I feel like I could spend years without using my vagina to pleasure myself and only masturbating with my butthole, because it is the best hole I can use and my boyfriend supports my anal training. I am plugged at least two hours a day and I hope I can increase this time with my new toy so I can be plugged every time and enjoy anal sex without any preparation and no vaginal stimulation!

Thank you so much for sharing! That’s a wonderful story and really demonstrates how with a little time and determination you can discover how much better anal is, even if you wouldn’t think it at first, and eventually you end up at the point where you want to be completely anal only. I hope you’ll find that it continues to be satisfying and are able to remain anal only long term.

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