The Appeal of Anal Only

Anonymous asked: Hey. Long time follower of yours but I’ve never managed to catch a live show. Terrible work hours. You’re just fucking perfect. What turns me on the most though, is how exclusively anal you are. Wanting to lock away your pussy, never to be fucked again… I really want to know the psychology of this for you.

willowkitty: Hey there! Thank you! Sorry you haven’t been able to catch a show. I’m always online sporadically and at weird times – hoping once I move I can set a more steady cam schedule, maybe then you’ll be able to drop in 🙂

Mm, breaking down exactly why I find that fantasy so incredibly arousing is no easy task. There is no real one answer, and it’s certainly not simple to explain.

I adore the sensation I get from anal, more so than the sensation I get from vaginal penetration. It’s a lot more intense for me, and results in stronger orgasms. I also love being plugged for long periods of time, and venturing out of the house while plugged; a fun naughty little secret. Anal is just… so fucking amazing. That combined with my fascination with vaginal chastity makes for an absolutely lovely combination.

What about locking away my vagina do I find so satisfying? It’s more than just physical sensation, it’s the whole experience involving the mind, and body. Depriving myself of one sensation in favour of another, and the fantasy of submitting my control of it to someone else; surrendering completely. The idea of surrendering it completely in favour of training my ass is just… Yes please.

I feel like there’s more to say about exactly why I love the idea of being anal only… but I just don’t know how to put it to words. It just stimulates me, both physically & mentally, in so many different ways.

It’s definitely one of my biggest fantasies… just, unf.

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