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Hi, I’m Julieta, I’m 23 years old and I live in Uruguay, South America. I feel enthusiasm and curiosity about the anal only lifestyle, I decided to only have anal sex for a month, even though I have been a week. 

I will tell you my story.
When I started my puberty and start to explore my body, I touched my vagina but I was afraid to penetrate it and I tried it with my ass, when I was 14 years old I had a boyfriend and I did anal sex with him, not vaginal I was not sure if I lost my vaginal virginity. So my first time was anal months before my first vaginal time. 

So from the beginning I had a predisposition for anal sex but I always did vaginal sex more than anal even though I always had both 

now I don’t have a boyfriend I am free and I have casual sex or with friends, recently a friend imposed me to have anal sex more frequently, and that awake the anal aroused in me, I have even realized that I like it more than vaginal sex OMG, anal sex is more exciting.

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