Message: Attempting an Anal Only Pregnancy

Anonymous: My amazing wife and I are ready to make a baby… And we are both incredibly turned on by the thought of her getting pregnant from cum that has dripped out of her ass. (We only have anal intercourse but she sometimes likes to put a bullet vibrator in her puss – and frankly I like it as well – so we can’t quite say we are AO). Any thoughts on how we can get our ass baby? We are also discussing pulling out of her ass right before so I can shoot into her puss.

First, the main aspect of being anal only is just a lack of vaginal intercourse in favor of anal intercourse. There are people who consider themselves to be anal only but who may use a dildo or vibrator vaginally. I tend to lean towards no vaginal penetration at all, myself, but I also respect other people’s interpretations and variations on the theme.

I’ve certainly heard of women getting pregnant from semen running out of the anus. It’s nowhere near a common occurrence when done accidentally, but perhaps if done deliberately you could control the factors more to allow it to be more likely. I imagine you may need to use some sort of toy vaginally to open her up enough to “catch” your semen when it runs out, and you’ll probably need to experiment with it multiple times to figure out the best way to make it work, but that just means you get to have lots of anal sex!

Finally, as appealing as the idea is of an anal only couple having children without vaginal sex, if you aren’t able to make it work, vaginal is completely appropriate within the anal only lifestyle for reproductive purposes. That is, in fact, what it’s for. It’s just less effective than anal for other purposes, like pleasure. So if you need to have vaginal sex until she gets pregnant, don’t feel as if you’re breaking some anal only rule. Don’t let that keep you from trying other approaches first, either, though.

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