Message: Butt Babies

Anonymous: I got pregnant from anal… We’re anal only, but I guess when he finished in my ass some of his cum slipped into my pussy… I wonder how many other parents haven’t told their children that they’re actually butt babies.

It’s extremely rare to get pregnant unintentionally from anal sex but, as you’ve discovered, not impossible. I’ve heard of it happening a few times, but with a little bit of care it’s usually not going to be a concern for most people.

Personally, I’d love to discover that I was a “butt baby”, and if I ever have children, I’d personally prefer to try conceiving that way before attempting any sort of actual vaginal sex for the process. Even though I think it’s perfectly fine and natural to have vaginal sex to get pregnant (that’s what it’s for) I do think it would be fun and sexy to achieve it without needing any vaginal sex to be involved in the process.

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