Why does my gf love anal sex so much? Anyone dated anal lovers?

Those are the questions asked by a man at bodybuilding.com.

He seems to be genuinely surprised when he says:

Seriously, the time it takes to make her cum is less and her O cumming reaction is like 500x more intense when i put it in her ass and rub her clit than when i fuk her puss. Turns into the dirtiest cock lovin slut when her butthole is filled up and being pounded lol.

And follows on:

But i’m seriously somewhat curious as to why it would make her cum easier… the skin between vadge and anus is thin as hell, but at the same time, it seems like vadge would feel better.

So i think she’s likely getting off on the mental aspect of it, but she says it feels like she’s filled up way more / it’s deeper or something.

His disbelief that she could prefer anal, refusal to accept her word and also his own claim that he thinks vaginal feels better reveals a man very much in denial. Often many men aren’t comfortable with their own sexuality and associate vaginal sex with masculinity and self worth.

His girlfriend is just like millions of other women, who happen to find anal is more pleasurable and fulfilling for them. Unlike him it sounds as though she is comfortable with this fact, open, and honest.

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