Message: Anal Feels Too Good

Anonymous: Thanks so much for the encouragement <3 For me the biggest problem is it feels -too- good, especially when he used a finger. If we’re having sex and he puts a finger in my bum I feel like I have to cum right away. My ass is so sensitive and always has been. I have way stronger orgasms when I cum with a finger up there, so I can’t imagine how good it’ll feel with a cock! If we practice every day how long before I can take the whole thing? Or even half, I’m dying to get creampied lol

That doesn’t necessarily sound like a problem, unless you become too sensitive to continued stimulation after orgasm, or lose interest in continuing. Rapid orgasms can be quite fun if you can experience multiple orgasms. If not, however, you’ll just need to continue experimenting and learn what type of anal stimulation makes you more likely to cum quickly, then avoid that until you’re ready.

I would suggest not rushing things too much, even as excited as you are to get fucked. You want to make sure you’re really ready and won’t injure yourself (which would then put a damper on future play for a little while). Because of that, I can’t really say how long it might take. Once you’re able to relax yourself to the point that he can comfortably fit inside you and it doesn’t rapidly become uncomfortable, then you’re probably ready to try more.

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