Message: Makeshift Dildos

Anonymous: I’m interested. Problem is I don’t have any toys, and no boyfriend. What should i use as a makeshift dildo for now?

Start with just your fingers. Add some lube, massage around your anus with a finger, rubbing across it and around it in circles, let yourself get into it and relax. As it starts to want to open up a bit more, slide one of your fingers inside and move it in and out a bit. Keep adding another finger as you feel yourself relaxing further and wanting more. If something hurts, go back down in size again. It might take multiple play sessions to go up in size. Listen to your body and go at a pace that works for you. Once you can fit three or four fingers with relative ease, then you would be ready for something more.

A cucumber and similar vegetables can make for a reasonable makeshift dildo if you don’t have anything better available. Wash it and make sure it doesn’t have any sharp points on it before trying, and if you have a condom available, try putting that over it as well. Some make do with small bottles as well. But real dildos and butt plugs are best, as they’re designed to go in your ass, so I would recommend getting some.

Good luck!

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