Message: Anal Training Suggestions

Anonymous: I wanted to train anal before doing it with my boyfriend but I do not have access to a dildo, do you have any suggestions? Can I substitute for something else?

Fingers are a great starting point. Get some lube on a finger and start massaging around your anus gently while rubbing your clit, and as you start to relax and feel good, slide that finger inside and start to slide it in and out while continuing to combine it with clit stimulation. Explore what feels good, and as you get comfortable with a single finger, try two, and then three. You can then start spreading your fingers apart while inside your ass to warm up and relax it further from there.

Everyone’s different, and some people might only be ready to do some external massage the first few times, others might get a finger or two in their first session, and some might be ready for more. Go at your own pace and what you’re comfortable with and what feels good, and if something starts to hurt, just back off and try it slower or with less inside you. Keep that up, gradually pushing your own limits as you go, and you’ll do great.

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