Message: Really, Really, Really Want to Become Anal Only

Anonymous: I really really really want to become anal only, how should I prep for having anal sex?

That’s great that you want to become anal only, I really sincerely recommend it, and I think that if it’s something you want that badly, you’ll have no problem achieving it.

Read through the Anal Advice category. In essence, start with anal play at a small size—say, a lubricated finger while you’re masturbating—and work up from there. Add a second finger, then a third, then get yourself a nice butt plug around an inch and a half in diameter at the widest and wear it while masturbating as well as starting to wear it at other times, including perhaps while you sleep, in order to help train your ass more. Start using a dildo to masturbate anally, approaching penis size, and do this fairly regularly to get used to both the size and the in-and-out motion of sex.

Once you can easily do this, you’re probably ready to try sex with a partner. Warm up with a plug or other toy for a little while before. Make sure he knows to lube up before, and to start slowly until you’ve adjusted to having him inside, and have him ready to stop if you tell him in case it starts to hurt at any point. Have him slowly penetrate, pause if it starts to hurt at any point, and once he’s fully inside, stop and just relax a moment to adjust around him before letting him start moving.

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slutprogrammer: A few more items…

Experiment with lube. Some can be irritating. If you don’t need to use condoms, albolene makeup remover is great.

Work up to toys *bigger* than the cock you’ll typically play with. No, it won’t make you lose as you’ll be working the muscles.

Cleaning out is a big topic, and you’ll need to get to know what your body needs. Clean asses are more sensitive, which is good.

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