sissysuperhero: Now and then I hear from people who cannot believe anyone could enjoy getting fucked in their ass. They are confident it’s meant to be a one-way street.

Let’s look at the evidence.

  1. The average rectum is exactly the same size as the average cock, and that the prostate is right next to it (G spot for bio girls). Why is this?
  2. Some people can cum from getting assfucked without touching their genitals. This includes men, women, and gurls like me. Why is this?
  3. Many of us who cum from anal also find that when we do, our ass produces creamy discharge like a pussy. Again….why is this?

Those three things could not be true if assfucking were unnatural, could they? We seem to have EVOLVED to enjoy assfucking! (Or for you born-again types, we were created that way.) Who knows why, but we have. So enjoy!!


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