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I am new to the Anal way of life, but I enjoy it. My bf and I have been together for 2 years and stumbled upon the fact that it was something we both enjoy. Although we still enjoy vaginal use, it is only as foreplay like oral sex. My vagina has been relegated to foreplay only, mostly oral. I’m fortunate I get VERY wet so my bf will use my vagina for a couple strokes LITERALLY to get his dick wet and in my ass he goes, and we both are in heaven. I have even gotten to a place where I plug my vagina during sex like the average woman would her ass. My vagina is just not for sex anymore. For a quickie we use lube, because for us my ass is where we derive our pleasure and it works for us. He says he is not going back to vaginal only and I’m great with that. If we have not indulged in anal, for us we have not had sex that day. It was nice to find this forum to realize we are not unique in our preferences and that other couples have successfully enjoyed this way of life without problems or health issues.

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