Message: Anal Only Isn’t About Punishment or Degradation

Anonymous: i ‘ve always believed that some bitches deserve only hard raw assfucking and cum down their throats

It’s not about punishment or degradation, it’s about the idea of the woman liking and wanting to be anal only as much as the man. And following that, I think every woman should be anal only. Vaginal sex should only be used for procreation and once she’s pregnant, right back to anal only. The vast majority of women who dislike anal simply aren’t doing it properly. If it hurts or is uncomfortable, you’re doing it wrong! Proper anal feels incredible, causes powerful orgasms and is safer than vaginal sex because it removes most of the risk of pregnancy without the need for birth control.

Now, it’s of course entirely up to each woman whether she actually wants to be, so even when I say things like “every woman should be anal only”, that’s just my personal opinion, and even then I really mean every woman should give the idea of being anal only a chance and try it for a week or a month or some period of time to see for herself whether she likes it. But even then just the idea of trying won’t appeal to some women and that’s fine. I’m just a guy with a blog giving out my opinion, and people who disagree are free to ignore me.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

Anonymous: Well, with the attitude that anon has, he’s going to have it hard to find a woman… Even one that would enjoy domination in bed. That’s just such a wrong way to approach things, it reeks of misogyny and is an insult to those who enjoy consensual domination in bed.

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