Message: Tight “Ring” 4 – 5 Inches Inside Wife’s Rectum

Anonymous: I’ve noticed when I have anal with my wife (which I also prefer btw!) when I go in past about 4-5 inches it gets tighter or narrower again. If she’s super relaxed it can be easier to go through this other “ring” but otherwise I have to push carefully. It feels really great so I always want to try to do this if we have anal, and some positions are better than others. What is this and just to be sure is it safe for her to go this far?

On average the rectum is only 5 – 7 inches long before the bend into the sigmoid colon occurs. Your wife may have a slightly shorter than average rectum and so you encounter it more easily. It’s perfectly fine to penetrate beyond this point if you’re careful at first each time—it can be painful to have something run into the bend before it’s been temporarily straightened/relaxed. However, the risk of running into unwanted fecal matter is higher beyond this bend as well, so just be aware of that possibility.

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