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Hello to all the many readers of this blog—for the past 3 months, we’ve been consistently around 600 people visiting the blog each day, and I’m grateful to all of you for being interested in checking in regularly and viewing the content I write, respond to, and curate multiple times a week. This blog is a labor of love, and it’s been active since early 2013.

While we do get messages and comments from readers from time to time, there are clearly many of you out there who are not reaching out as you read the blog. But I’d like to see that change—I’d like to hear from all of you about your anal and AO stories, experiences, dreams, goals, concerns, and questions. Don’t be shy—send a message! It can be anonymous if you want.

Consistently, readers of this blog have said that hearing other people’s experiences is the most interesting content here and what they want to hear most, so don’t think that your story is uninteresting—it’s a real life experience, and that’s what we all want to hear. People who are curious about going anal only but haven’t done so yet want to hear from other people who have about what it’s like, and those experiences are more often than not what get them to try it too.

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