Message: Household Butt Plug Alternatives

Anonymous: What things can I use as butt plugs that I may have at my house

I don’t recommend the long-term use of objects not intended as butt plugs, because they aren’t designed with a flange that keeps them in place and there’s a chance you could lose them inside. Better to buy a real one—there are good ones that sell inexpensively at places like Amazon and come in discreet packaging as a result.

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Anonymous: For the anon asking about home made butt plugs: if they’re looking for general use butt toys, I suggest hairbrush and lint roller handles. Pick a small one to start, make sure it’s smooth and non-porous so cleanup is easy. I’d say it’s a good starter option (that’s how I got into anal myself), but you always have to be extra careful when using objects as sex toys…

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