Message: Things To Masturbate With

Anonymous: Hiii I have a question? I can’t get any actual toys so I was wondering if you have any tips for things to put in my pussy and butt? thanks if you answer I’ll be happy for any ideas and tips❤️

Actual toys intended for anal use are always going to be best, but many people make do with other objects. You do have to take more care with many things, because without a flared base there is a risk that they can slip all the way inside, so do make sure to avoid that happening.

Fingers are an obvious choice—they’re easily accessible, you can’t lose them inside, and you can put a few together to have something bigger to insert.

Various vegetables—carrots, cucumbers, etc., can work, but be sure to wash them off with soap and water first, and trim off anything sharp.

Thin bottles, hairbrush handles, and things like sharpies can work. Again, avoid anything sharp or with rough edges.

Don’t put things in your pussy.

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