Message: Basic Hygiene Measures for Anal

Anonymous: What are the basic hygiene measures you have to take in order to fully enjoy anal sex? I realize that you have probably been asked this questions many times. If that is the case, I apologize, and just a link to a previous answer will suffice. Thanks.

In general, you want to eat a high fiber diet to ease digestion. If you do have a good diet, you mostly just need to make sure to go to the bathroom within half an hour before receiving anal and your rectum should be empty. In general, feces are not retained in the rectum itself except right before you need to go to the bathroom: they stay beyond in the colon itself. There is a bend that acts as a valve separating the end of the rectum from the sigmoid colon and with most people, a penis will not be penetrating beyond that point.

If you are especially concerned, you can try anal douching with water. You generally don’t want to overdo this, but if you use a relatively small amount and just flush out the rectum itself, this can be okay from time to time.

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