Message: Anal Cleanliness Talking Points

analonlylesbian: I was talking to a real life friend about anal, and what I got is that they weren’t denying the pleasure aspect, but they were grossed out by the poop aspect. It didn’t seem like anything I said could really counter that, although I guess I could’ve pushed harder, but although I’m an advocate, I don’t like pushing people. Anyway, can you think of anything I could say to them to allay those concerns? I want to help people discover the joys of anal if I can~! ^_^

A few key talking points about anal cleanliness:

  • Diet is a big part of cleanliness, so having a balanced high fiber diet and avoiding excessive fatty/greasy foods will generally keep things clean.
  • The rectum, which is where sex takes place, is generally empty and quite clean with a healthy diet except for right before one needs to go to the bathroom. Feces is in the colon and only enters the rectum when it’s time to be expelled.
  • Knowing your daily digestive cycle and going to the bathroom before having sex is going to avoid the majority of any cleanliness issues.
  • If concerned about it beyond that, use a small amount of warm water in an enema bulb to flush just the rectum a few times. From here, you should be good to go.
  • Finally, it is your butt and while you can play in a clean manner most of the time, understand that sometimes it can just get a little dirty. Be prepared for that, have something to clean your toy/partner handy, and don’t be too worried about it. Laugh it off, clean up, and resume having fun.

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