Message: Loving Anal, But Boyfriend Wants To Try Ass To Mouth

Anonymous: I was never very open to anal but I recently started exploring and I’m very excited. I bought some plugs to play with until my boy can come fuck me but he’s asking about ass to mouth and having me rim him. I want to please him but I think I’m stuck on the idea that it’s risky and unclean. Thoughts?

Congratulations on your anal exploration! I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

Rimming is usually done externally only, so if you do it shortly after bathing and the recipient of the rimming cleans the area thoroughly (soaped up and well-scrubbed) there isn’t really anything unclean or dangerous about it. I think it’s only fair that you ask him to do it to you as well if you do it to him.

As for ass to mouth, many people only do that after having an enema to clean themselves out. The rectum is usually fairly clean when empty, however, and it may be perfectly fine to go ass to mouth without using an enema beforehand for some people. You’re unlikely to get sick from exposure to your own bacteria. It may be something you want to explore with a dildo or toy beforehand to see if you have any interest in it at all. If the idea doesn’t appeal to you at all after giving it a chance, don’t necessarily feel obligated to do it just because it’s something he wants.

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