Message: Even One Finger In Her Ass Is An Instant No

ilickpussycum: Hi, How can I convince my wife to try anal? I love taking things up my arse, but can’t get her try it. I’ve slipped just one little finger in while licking her out, and it’s an instant NO.

If she refuses to try at any level, there isn’t much you can do, and repeatedly attempting to try will just seem like pestering and lead to resentment.

You can try starting with something less invasive like rimming and see if she enjoys that and if that leads to her opening up more to the idea of anal penetration, but if she’s had such a negative reaction to anything anal thus far, she may have the same with rimming.

You can try talking with her more about it, not in an “I want anal from you” sort of tone, but that you’d like to introduce her to how amazing it can feel when done right. Put the focus entirely on her enjoyment of it, her pleasure, and her pace and comfort, and see if there’s any interest then.

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