Message: Permanent Ass Gape

Anonymous: I understand that an ass gape is too exciting. But don’t you worry if your girlfriend gets a permanent ass gape that doesn’t let her retain the poop anymore?

There’s not really any such thing as a permanent ass gape, except in extremely rare cases of severe injury/damage. Assholes gape as part of a combination of increased muscle control (so the muscles are actually stronger than normal, and can be consciously controlled more precisely) and relaxation. Having sex or using toys can help to open up and relax them, then the gape can be held open more consciously. But once you stop using it and trying to hold it open, it’ll start tightening back up naturally. With practice and use, an ass can gape and open up for sex more easily, but that doesn’t mean it’s loose all the time, just that it can be controlled, relaxed and opened with less preparation. Incontinence from anal sex is a debunked myth.

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whyuaskinme: Thank you, I’ve actually been worried about that also. Maybe now I’ll be able to relax moreand just enjoy it!

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  1. great anal says:

    I gap my ass every night i wear a buttplug and it is always tight but it is easier to go in. So no never is it fully gap 24-7

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