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New member Marie on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum shares her story:

My name is Marie, I’m 25 yrs old vaginal virgin. I’m married for 5 years, but I have the same partner for 9 yrs. 

I started my sexual life from anal at my 16 birthday and we still continue that kind of sex. My husband is older from me, he is 31 now. He is experienced in vaginal sex, but he told me he is not interested in that kind of sex anymore. I have accepted this, because I was very young and I was afraid of getting pregnant. I can cum hard from anal only, it’s not necessary to caress my clit. Initially, I thought he will take my vaginal virginity later, but we are couple for 9 years and he won’t do that, my pussy doesn’t exists for him. I admit that I don’t want do vaginal sex too, but we want to have kids in future…

Upon being asked for additional details, she added:

My boyfriend introduced me into anal, but I heard about that kind of sex, I had many talks about with my friends and parents, about anal sex too. My mom told me many good things about anal (more pleasure for both, no way to get pregnant, no condoms, no pills). She is very active with anal. She told me, it’s not okay to force my boyfriend to use condoms, if he won’t use them. 

My boyfriend told me, that vaginal sex will be painful on the beginning, it’s risky (pregnancy) so we will be stressed every month waiting for my period (he does not accept condoms and pills). He told that vaginal sex is not very pleasant for him and he doesn’t want to do that, and that anal sex is best for us and asked if I accept that. I told “yes” immediately 

My first anal was nice. No pain, no bad surprises, but no orgasm too. I had to learn how to earn pleasure for that, but every next intercourse was better. I had my first anal orgasm after two months. I cum fastest on standing position, from behind

I had a few reasons to try anal before vaginal: 
– I heard many good thing about anal
– I heard many bad things about vaginal
– I was afraid about pregnancy
– my boyfriend doesn’t want to use condoms and he loves to cum inside me
– he is not interested into vaginal sex at all. I’m young and my pussy is tight for sure, but he doesn’t want. No pussy, anal only.

Anal sex is just better. If I can reach strong orgasm from “second” hole, without risk, with more pleasure for him, why should I use my pussy? I don’t see any reason and sense. After my first sex I told my mom about our choice. She smiled and praised me for this responsible decision. 

I told my gyno about that and she see no contraindication to continue beeing AO.

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