Reddit: Trying to Switch to AO for 5 Years

little backstory: I’m happily married to my husband, who’s way more into anal than I am (unfortunately).

We both sort of fetishized anal since we started dating, and I gave it a few tries back then. I quickly found out that I liked the idea of anal more than anal itself, which was basically : that it hurt a bit, that it was uncomfortable, and that my husband loved it. (I know it might sound messed up to some, but I guess it’s a kink).
But I really enjoyed it back then, in those terms, and was able to orgasm sometimes (through clitoral stimulation only tho)

We slowly started opening up about our fantasies, then we got married and really started acting on them.
One of mine envolved fisting, I was really curious but my husband was afraid I’d get too loose (not that he refused to do it, we just share everything that’s on our minds basically) he also knew I didn’t quite enjoy anal but I’d do it anyway, because he loved it (and the idea of it turned me on, I guess).

I might’ve gone a “little” overboard with the fisting thing, because he eventually started to notice (and me too tbh) I was a bit (quite) loose after a year or so. But I didn’t want to give up on it, so we both agreed on doing more anal to compensate for the lack of tightness he complained about . Then it became doing anal almost everytime we had sex, or a fisting session.

^This really started to aggravate me. We had sex very often back then and I wasn’t able to keep up with all the times I had to do some preparation beforehand. This led to some accidents that embarrassed the shit out of me (LOL). It got to a point that I gave up on fisting and sex in general just so we wouldn’t do anal anymore. But I noticed my husband really missed it, so I ended up trying again. Anyway it took a toll on our sex lives.

Then, (5 years ago) I had a child (long story, surrogacy), and I don’t know if the fisting or the delivery but my vagina never really snapped back to normal. It got to a point that he claimed he had almost no feeling, basically he was doing PIV just to please me. We talked it out cause I didn’t want to seem selfish (I already was my sister’s surrogate against his will, I convinced him into trying fisting, I had that “abstinence” moment, I mean…) And that’s when he suggested we’d go AO.

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