Discussion: Is it ok to have anal sex with your wife?

From today’s edition of Silly Questions From Quora, a user asks what should be a blindingly obvious question of whether it’s okay to have anal sex with one’s wife.

The answers are all good and focus on the importance of consent while remaining sex positive and making it clear that if both partners enjoy and want anal sex, then they can and should do it.

One answer goes above and beyond and makes it clear just how much women can enjoy anal sex:

I do anal every time me and my husband have sex. Its usually everyday. Sometimes six days a week.

We have vaginal first with a plug to get me ready. I orgasm at least 3 times. Then take the plug out and have 2 other orgasms during anal. Fun times. Been together for 13 years and married 7.

So yah it’s ok, for me at least!

Bonnie Smith, Quora

Given the anal only nature of this blog, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest that moving away from vaginal even as a means of foreplay would be an even better experience, but ultimately it’s up to each person’s individual preferences and needs. It’s clear that for this person, anal is already the priority and primary means of sexual activity and pleasure and everything else builds up to it, but by eliminating vaginal it can make the anal that much better.

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