Message: Girlfriend Wants to Go Anal Only

Anonymous: I have a question regarding the lifestyle. My girlfriend and I have been together for a few months now and she has recently expressed her preference for anal sex. She says it feels better for her and she would like us to move towards an anal only lifestyle. I have to admit, I am a bit hesitant about this. I have always been used to vaginal sex and the thought of giving that up is a bit hard. Also, I am worried about the pain and discomfort for her with transitioning to only having anal sex. But I also want to make sure that I am giving her the best possible sexual experience. What should I do in this situation? How can I make sure that we both enjoy the experience and make the transition to an anal only lifestyle as smooth as possible?

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds like you’re a lucky guy to have a girlfriend who is so open with what she wants and needs, and who loves and prefers anal.

Have you done anal together yet? It sounds like perhaps not, if you are concerned about it hurting her. If she prefers it, chances are it’s very pleasurable for her and not going to be a problem with pain or discomfort, even if you switch to doing it full time.

As for giving up vaginal, that honestly is going to be a far better experience for both of you in the long run. Anal is more pleasurable and exciting when done well, and the more you do it the better it gets. Plus it’s natural birth control and you don’t have to worry about pregnancy scares with it. Once you’ve been anal only for a few months, you won’t miss vaginal at all and you won’t want to go back to it.

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  1. Chris says:

    Your message is nearly a year old now but in case you are still out there or for anybody else in the same situation – you have a woman who wants to go anal only – grab the opportunity! I can promise you that you will regret it later if you let the moment (or the woman) slip away. It sounds like it is just you having doubts and I think that’s understandable because we’ve all been made to think a certain way. As the reply from the blog said, after a while it’ll feel completely natural and I promise you won’t think about vaginal again. You say that you want to give her the best sexual experience possible and that is what anal will give – to you both!

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