Message: Girls Can’t Go Back From Anal Only

Anonymous: The thing I like the most with anal sex is how girls can’t go back from it. In two years, I rewired my girlfriend so she has to get her ass plowed and her pussy and clit ignored to get off. We broke up three months ago, but recently she came back, begging me to fuck her because she couldn’t find a guy who would exclusively fuck her ass. We’re pure fuck buddies now, and what’s funny is one of the reasons she broke up was that I was “too rough”, but now I’m MUCH rougher and she can’t get enough.

That’s certainly true for some women, and less so for others. Some can never really go back to enjoying vaginal and need to be anal only to enjoy sex going forward. Others return to vaginal after being anal only and don’t have a problem. It depends on the original motivation for being anal only, most likely. If she’s AO because she prefers it physically or emotionally, she’ll likely want to stay that way for good. If, however, she does it because it’s what a partner prefers and her motivation is pleasing her partner, she’ll be much more likely to adapt to what new partners want.

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