Redefining Sex as Anal Only

In the 2020s, it’s become very clear that reproduction is the least desired outcome of sexual activity for most people, and while some may eventually want children, people want sex younger and younger and without the risk of pregnancy. Add the side-effects, risks and legal threats to birth control and we’re solidly in a time and place where even considering vaginal intercourse to be sex doesn’t make sense anymore.

Anal sex has been stigmatized for far too long, with many people viewing it as dirty, immoral, or unnatural. However, this could not be further from the truth. Anal sex is a natural and healthy form of sexual activity that can provide a level of pleasure and intimacy that is not found in vaginal sex. Furthermore, it eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancy which is more and more important these days.

For centuries, women have been expected to get pregnant and give birth, engaging in vaginal sex as their primary form of sexual activity because this is seen as the correct way when reproduction is the goal, even if it is not something they personally enjoy or want to do. This expectation is not only unfair, it’s also limiting—women have the right to their own bodies and to make their own choices about what they do with them.

There is a lack of education and understanding about the potential pleasure and intimacy that can be found in anal sex. Many people view anal sex as painful and uncomfortable, but with proper communication, consent, and preparation, this is not the case. In fact, anal sex can provide a unique and intense pleasure that is not found in vaginal sex, and it shifts the focus of sex to pleasure rather than reproduction, giving women both sexual and reproductive freedom compared to vaginal sex.

People rarely have sex to get pregnant, so it’s time to stop thinking of vaginal as sex. Sex is about pleasure and intimacy. When we say “sex”, let’s think of anal instead.

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2 responses to “Redefining Sex as Anal Only”

  1. Jackie says:

    Good research! Many people just want to try anal as the film, but not all know this way will increase the possibility of getting stis or other disease. I still cannot image how to feel pleasure and intimacy during anal sex.

  2. Chris says:

    I like the more thoughtful blog posts like this one.

    Vaginal sex has always been given societal approval to drive people towards reproduction and families, even when that’s the last thing on people’s minds. It may have even made some kind of sense in the past – but not now.

    It is disrespectful to women as it reduces them to little more than baby-makers where the only thing that matters about them is their vagina. It is almost gaslighting men who are instinctively drawn to anal, to make them feel they’ve made the wrong choice and reject what their own feelings and senses are telling them. It is unfair on both men and women, preventing them from discovering and enjoying the most pleasurable and intimate connection possible between them.

    Having said all that I’m not sure how we redefine sex for everyone. It’s been a double-edged sword with porn as while it has boosted interest and acceptance, there are still some negatives attached to it. Some porn still portrays anal as somehow dirty or as a punishment for a woman. The amateur stuff is usually light years ahead here. Women want to see it as something special and attractive that they can imagine themselves doing, not as some meat being pounded. They want to see emotions and the effect that it has on their man being in their ass – the male performers are more often than not robots, or trying to be all stoic, rather than letting themselves show what they really feel.

    I think that when women are persuaded and the benefits are clear to them and they are allowed to “let go” of their vaginas then maybe we’ll get to redefine what sex is. But that’s only going to happen one couple at a time. I hope we get there one day.

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