Message: Why I Find Pure Anal the Best Option

Maria: Hi, i’m Maria, independent woman, 32y old. Just wanted share my opinion why anal was the first and only option for me. Firstly oral sex is something that is not really appealing for me, first when you have oral its not a mutual experience at the same time, one is giver another is receiver. I never liked the idea of oral, so never considered having it. Ok so what’s next? Vaginal, as a women who wants to stay single independent and without family is it the most appealing sort of sex? Not for me, i see to many problems with it. Birth control, condoms, menstruation cycle etc, first time pain and bleeding. Too much to think and worry about, what should be source of joy. So whats left? Right. Anal. While having anal sex, it’s mutual exercise which brings joy to both partners at the same time and you don’t have to care about all the stuff that i mentioned about vaginal sex. Pure freedom. I’ve never tried oral or vaginal and i doubt I will ever try.

Great reasoning for why anal is the best form of sex and vaginal in particular interferes with the purity of anal pleasure and its benefits. Oral sex can be an enjoyable addition to anal, however, and can compliment it, not necessarily as an independent act but as something supplemental. Analingus can provide relaxation and warmup before anal sex, and fellatio during and after can provide additional lubrication, arousal and cleanup for anal. Cunnilingus doesn’t need to be a part of an anal only life and often detracts from it.

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2 responses to “Message: Why I Find Pure Anal the Best Option”

  1. Ryan says:

    I think you should keep your mind open to new sexual experiences, not vaginal of course, I’m talking about oral. I’ve been with girls who didn’t like the idea of sucking cock and later after exploring and doing it a few times ended up absolutely loving it. You might not like the taste of cum at first, but it will grow on you. As a man, I can’t imagine being with a woman who won’t suck me off or let me fuck her ass. Oral is a requirement for me. However, the girls I hookup with know I won’t ever lick their pussy and not to ask me for it. It’s important to get my cock hard and wet first with spit and then I can move onto proper assfucking.

    This is all your choice. I think you’ll have better luck with men if you’re willing to engage in oral in addition to anal. Just anal wouldn’t be enough. It’s fun going back and forth switching it up between ass and mouth. Be open to trying it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello maria irs very good for you …you do only anal…are you a pussy vitgine? Sorry a ask you….how long you do anal? How many yahrs….sorry my english is not good…many gretings

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