Message: Men Should Choose to be Anal Only Too

John: Hello, I’ve read some post where women choose to have only anal and never had vaginal sex. I think it’s good idea for straight male as well. I was interested in anal sex since my teens when I was a virgin. Later in college i met a girl, she was a virgin too. I didn’t want a relationship with her, so i wasn’t interested in taking her’s vaginal virginity, but wanted to have some casual sex. I convinced her into anal. This was my first sexual experience with other person. Later on I though maybe it’s quite good idea to have anal only. So every with girl I met since, I had either oral, manual or anal but never had “real sex”. I share this story because I truly think we can spread this culture across the world, and if not only women refuse to have vaginal but as well men, this cat get really viral. Many are thinking right now, it’s more complicated to find a partner for casual or serious relationship who would like to have such sexual life. Yes indeed, but you can always have oral or manual instead of vaginal till you date agrees to go anal.

I completely agree, the choice to be anal only and exclude vaginal sex completely benefits everyone, regardless of their gender. Anal is a more rewarding and appealing form of sex, and combining it with vaginal ultimately ends up degrading the purity of pleasure, intimacy, and reward that comes from anal (even if it can still be good).

It’s important not to think of vaginal as “real sex”, which results in thinking of anal as something lesser, which is far from the case. Instead, recognize that anal is just as real as any other form of sex, but vaginal is the least beneficial for everyone, and so is best kept as procreative sex only.

The choice to remain a vaginal virgin has grown in popularity in recent years, especially among women who prefer anal and the idea of staying anal only, but more men are showing that interest as well. If anal is what you want, and vaginal doesn’t interest you, it’s well worth the effort to go straight to pure anal only and never compromise for vaginal sex.

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  1. analyst says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and fantasizing lately about anal. My (small) penis isn’t very functional anymore. Sure, it swells up and gets bigger, but it doesn’t get hard and stiff, it’s not very sensitive, and the shaft skin is sore and inflamed on one side, just behind the glans.

    When I was a kid, I used to pleasurably think about flaunting my bare bottom, and as a teenager, I immediately began masturbating in a squatting position, presumably because it seemed to put my anus under tension.

    Currently, I enjoy defecation, wiping my anus, and cleaning it with a wet washcloth. My favorite medical exam is the digital prostate: bending over completely naked, receiving the inserted finger, enjoying the uniquely exciting prostate sensations, and crouching to wipe away the excess lubricant while pulling aside each buttock in turn.

    I also like to assume provocative body positions which display my anus for optimal view-ability and accessibility. In the mirror, it seems to be an unattractive, irregular, somewhat puckered 3/4″ slit.

    So, I’m seemingly well past the point where I’m starting to feel more anal-receptive and much less penile-penetrative.

    I’m not very interested in anal masturbation, so my next step may be to find someone with a helpful finger, or two. I think just about any finger could send me over the moon!

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