Discussion of the Day: Been together 10 years, married for 6 1/2 yrs, we have sex 5 times a week, but I’m still a virgin because there’s been no vaginal sex!!

When we first started dating, he liked me but also it was because even though he had sex with his wife, only regular sex, it was borring and repetitive as he put it.

I started to go out with him when I was 18, he was 38. I knew then he wanted no regular sex. So it all started with me giving him a lot of oral and anal sex. We where meeting like 5 days a week while dating, with sex every time.

When I was 22, and he was 42 was when we got married. Everything has been perfect, he is an incredible husband. But the sex still continued with mostly oral and some anal.

We have been together 10 years, married 6 ½, we still have sex at least 5 times a week, but I am still a virgin.

He has a son, we have decided not to have children.

I am not complaining about my sex life, but I am wondering if this is an unusual situation. I can’t be the only one.

A lot of people respond in a vaguely “well, if you’re happy…” sort of way while also implying that he’s abusing her or is secretly gay. She responds again to clarify that anal sex is very enjoyable to her.

The sex is very good, I enjoy giving him oral and have found anal to be very stimulating and orgasmic sometimes.

Unfortunately, not a single person responds in a truly supportive way to let her know that there are others out there who choose to be exactly the same way and love it and that there’s nothing wrong with it if everyone’s happy with it.

Perhaps some other anal only women need to pitch in and give their point of view, encouraging her to remain anal only and value and enjoy her vaginal virginity.

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