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I started seeing this guy a while back who didn’t want kids (or marriage/cohabitation). Initially I broke it off with him because I thought I wanted those things, but as time went on I realized I don’t want kids or marriage either. He got back in touch with me about 3 weeks ago and we’ve been holding off on masturbating for 2 weeks. He finally came over last night and he unloaded two big loads in my ass. It felt great! The second time was the best anal I’ve ever had, just sliding smoothly in and out with no pain or discomfort. I thought I was going to have my first anal orgasm, but he came before I climaxed. Although he fingered my cunt lots, his cock never came close and I’m totally ok with him never penetrating me vaginally.


I was the first woman he’s ever done anal with, and i can tell he loves it! Hopefully he’s hooked! I think I’m going to try and be anal only with this guy – I doubt he’ll ever try to put his cock in my cunt. He’s hot AF too! I’m hoping t have my first anal orgasm with him.

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