An Argument for Anal Only 2020

As we approach a new year, it’s also a turning point into a new decade, so the traditional time for change and resolutions is amplified even further and leads us to strive for bigger and better goals.

If you aren’t already anal only, this is a great opportunity to consider making the transition away from vaginal sex and go into the new decade well-equipped for the future and a life of better sex without pussy.

We’ll be posting more about this as we approach and enter 2020, and we’d like your feedback and ideas as well, so please share, whether you plan to participate, or just have ideas.

And of course, if you’re already anal only, you can use this opportunity to make the transition away from clitoral stimulation, or full time butt plug wear, or some other goal.

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One response to “An Argument for Anal Only 2020”

  1. Foxglove555 says:

    I already am anal only, and I have stopped all vaginal/clitoral stimulation. I’m going to try to stay plugged most of the time in 2020. I am thrilled to say that I ONLY orgasm anally now. It is SO superior to anything having to do with my clit or pussy. I am also seriously considering getting a clitoral hood piercing to minimize stimulation and also piercing my pussy shut.

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