Female Empowerment and the Anal Only Lifestyle

Our culture has long put a lot of obligations onto women when it comes to sex, and this is still something that many people are dealing with even today.

While men are looked upon in a positive way for having a lot of sex with multiple partners, women are often still treated negatively for the same. Among other reasons, the fact that sex has greater consequences for women in the form of pregnancy can lead to a culture that cautions women against enjoying sex more freely.

Also relating to pregnancy, the burden of birth control is predominantly on women. Men can wear condoms (and still should when partners aren’t tested), but any other form of birth control and its negative side effects is fully shouldered by women.

This is where the beauty of anal sex and the anal only lifestyle becomes clear: it allows people to enjoy the pleasure and intimacy of sex, without pregnancy being a factor. Anal is sex for the sake of sex, not piggybacking on top of a reproductive act and trying to make it into a non-reproductive act—something that anal provides naturally.

By having the ability to enjoy sex without any connection to reproductive, a lot of the baggage associated with that disappears, and women are able to enjoy it for what it is instead of fearing what it could be. There’s no longer a burden of birth control, or a stigma of promiscuity that stems from the fear of unwanted pregnancy.

Be empowered. Free yourself from the reproductive bonds of vaginal sex. Go anal only.

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