Why Anal Only? Because It’s Pure Sex

There are so many reasons, including that for a lot of women (men and women both) it feels better, leads to better orgasms, is more intimate, is more naughty, and so on… but today’s focus will be on one specific aspect.

From a biological standpoint, vaginas are for reproduction. Their primary function is to create offspring. The pleasure derived from that process exists just as a motivation to reproduce. However, the vast majority of sex people have is not for reproductive purposes. We’ve gotten quite good at preventing unwanted pregnancy from happening, and people are fucking constantly with no intent of having kids. But there’s still always the risk, and the fact that even though that’s not the intent, vaginal sex is mimicking reproductive sex.

Anal sex, however, is different. You can’t get pregnant in your ass, so there’s nothing reproductive about it at all. It’s pure sex for pleasure. It’s just partners enjoying their bodies and the pleasure they can give themselves and each other. And that makes it even hotter, and lets people get lost in themselves more easily. Free to fuck without concern about pregnancy or a biological obligation to reproduce, without birth control messing up her hormones and libido, without condoms (if you’re in a monogamous relationship), and just focusing on the pleasure her asshole gives and gets.

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