Message: Other Women Negative About My Preference For Anal

Anonymous: My experiences might be a little different, but in my personal experience, I got so much hate from most women for preferring anal as my own choice while most men either don’t care or don’t judge girls who prefer anal or are anal-only. It’s sad that they think girls like me love anal for male approval when it’s not the case. Anal sex is slowly becoming accepted by people who have positive and proper anal experience, even if it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. Unfortunately, there are still people holding themselves back with anal myths and taboos that prevented them for wanting to give anal sex a try. Even on Twitter, I, a female, felt uncomfortable due to tons of hateful speech about non-vaginal sex.

The wise lesson says that vaginal sex is for getting babies, however, anal sex is for good and strong never-ending pleasure. Idk if there are girls that have the same thoughts as me, but I would love to talk about my love for anal in safe space without getting backlash.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had negative interactions with other women about anal sex. I think that sort of reaction usually comes out of myths, as you noted, which are generally driven by bad experiences they have had or heard about from friends. Sometimes it becomes almost a meme where it gets passed around from friend to friend without anyone knowing where it even originated or how it started, but keeping people from trying anal for themselves as a result. There’s where more people being open and positive about anal and how good it actually is for them, and why, helps to slowly combat that problem and starts to create a positive meme about anal and puts the idea of it being a good, enjoyable, pleasurable thing into the social consciousness.

As far as a safe space for anal positivity and discussion, this community is certainly intended for that purpose—between the forum, the Discord server, and this blog, you are likely to interact with a lot of people who share an interest in and love of anal sex. If you aren’t already a member, I’d encourage joining in and talking with other people in the community.

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