Quote: Girls, Don’t Be Afraid of Double Anal

From elegantphdap on Bdsmlr, who has asked questions and shared on this blog before, and who has lived the anal only lifestyle for about 4 years, and practices double anal when possible:

When I had my first anal experience I was insecure. I hadn’t have that much feedback from other woman who tried this too. Is it normal? Is it safe? How can I make it a better experience.

I want to change that for all the women out there regarding double anal. 

My first contact with DAP was in a porn movie. I saw this scene where Rocco and another guy sticked their dicks into a girls ass. The way she performed and showed her feelings hit me. Since then I secretly wished to experience that myself.

Since then I tried to find other informations about other women who had experienced this kind of intercourse. It is somehow still hard to find nowadays.

My first real life experience was indeed with two men after a party. It was my first time with two men. We started with DP but due the fact that I preferred anal it didn’t feel good. I asked the if it would be ok to try it to put both in my butt and they agreed. We took it very slowly, I was scared… but, what for? It felt amazing.

Girls, don’t stop trying and pushing your boundaries. Double anal is amazing!

Feel free to share your own great double anal experience with me and the rest of the girls out there.

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