Message: Anal Is My Favorite Thing

Anonymous: Anal is my favorite thing, it feels amazing every time. My boyfriend hasnt fucked my pussy in almost 2 months and i could care less if he ever does again. His friend and his girlfriend wanna try it out too, so they asked us for pointers, and i hope she likes being an anal slut as much as i do.

It really is the best thing ever. You should tell him that you want to commit to being anal only with him and make it official if you haven’t already. (It is No Pussy November, after all! The perfect time for an anal only commitment.)

It’s a really positive thing for anal-loving women and anal only women to help their friends do anal and go anal only themselves, because that direct connection and trust can really help people open up to the idea of doing anal and have a good experience, countering the myths and bad experiences that are still somewhat pervasive in the world. Do your best, make sure they’re both well-informed and ready for anal together, and I’m sure she’ll have an awesome first experience and want to keep doing anal more and more after.

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