Helping to Advocate the Anal Only Lifestyle to Others

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The anal only lifestyle has grown significantly since the early 2010s when it first started becoming popularized and discussed openly online, as all it really takes is for people to try it for themselves for a majority to see its appeal and benefits to them. However, a lot of myths and stigmas continue to surround anal sex, and a lot of people have yet to encounter or even consider the idea of going anal only.

A continuing effort to educate and counter anal myths is needed

With the internet, information about just about anything is widely available to most people, and as attitudes towards anal sex have changed, good information about anal sex has continued to become increasingly available. More articles have been appearing in mainstream publications countering anal myths and advocating safe and healthy exploration of anal pleasure. There has also been a shift in popular media away from the idea of anal sex as a punchline and towards more of a positive portrayal of it as a real, normal sex act. Those trends need to continue.

Real people need to open up more about their love for anal

A lot of people’s ideas about anal sex and the way myths and stigmas spread is through shared stories from friends they trust. Quite often the people spreading ideas of anal sex being bad, humiliating, painful, or otherwise unpleasant are people who have either had one or two bad experiences themselves without ever trying it again, or who are just passing on other stories or myths they themselves hurt without ever actually trying it.

Quite often when people who really enjoy anal sex or who are anal only themselves talk with friends about it and share their positive experiences, those friends themselves open up about their own curiosity with anal and their desire to try it, and it can open a positive communication where the actually experienced people can further share their experiences and encourage their friends to try it as well, and even give tips on how to do it safely and enjoy it.

Open, honest discussion with friends about anal sex is a great way to get closer as friends, help dispel lingering myths, and promote sexual positivity, while also encouraging more people to go anal only.

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