Yes, Men Prefer Anal, But Women Do Too

It’s a commonly held belief that all men prefer anal sex. Look at most articles about anal, and they generally repeat this claim. And while it’s not universally true—there are many men who don’t prefer anal or are resistant to even trying it in some way—most men who have good anal experiences do prefer anal.

Anal is, after all, more visually appealing, tighter, more pleasurable, in some regards more taboo, and often done infrequently enough that it’s a special treat they come to want more and more often. Usually the only resistance to anal for men is based on misconceptions or fears: homophobia and the idea that enjoying anal sex with a woman makes them gay, concerns about hygiene or thinking it’s in some way gross, or experiences with partners who didn’t enjoy it or weren’t warmed up enough to do it easily, killing the mood and not allowing them to ever get into it enough to see how enjoyable it is when done right. Get past those things, and anal is an altogether superior experience.

But this is not even remotely universal to men, and the exact same rules apply to women as well. With a positive experiences, women will almost universally prefer anal sex as well. Genuinely, the only reasons that it’s less common to hear of women preferring anal are because bad experiences out of inexperience and ignorance are unfortunately still common and women bear the brunt of those bad experiences, and because there’s still a lot of stigma and judgement surrounding women expressing their sexual preferences or preferring anal, and they’re afraid to be open publicly about such a preference.

I challenge anyone to do their research, practice, and have five to ten experiences with anal sex that are not painful or uncomfortable, and not come away with a strong preference for anal over vaginal.

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