Forum: Easing My Way Into Anal Only

Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking this forum for a while and finally joined. I’m in my 30s in a 2 year D/s and loving/romantic relationship with a man. We have historically had anal only occasionally due to his large size, though I’ve had anal throughout my whole adult life since age 18. However we’ve been doing anal a lot more lately (thanks to wearing butt plugs all day) and introducing some orgasm denial and teasing into our dynamic and I’ve never been more turned on in my life. We dirty talk about anal only but he says he still wants to use my vagina sometimes too. He feels anal can be a hassle because he has to wash himself after. I always douche and there is almost never a fecal mishap so maybe he will get over that. Anyway perhaps this is meant to be fantasy only but it’s a strong and very arousing one for me.

After an encouragement to try going ass to mouth with him after sex in order to make him feel like he doesn’t need to clean up as much, she responds:

Well coincidentally last night my man suggested I suck him after he was in my ass and when I did, he was so happy! It turns out we were both doing research into the health and safety of the practice, unbeknownst to one a other. It wasnt gross at all and I’m pretty sure this will make him enthusiastic about doing anal all the time since oral is his #1 fave.

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